How it Works

Step 1. Consultation with our Onboarding Specialist

  • Determine if your business is offshore ready. Businesses that utilize offshore employees and services usually have some or all of the following in place.
  • Access to cloud-based tools and platforms
  • Licenses and certifications that allow you to export tasks, offshore and online

Step 2. Identify the candidate you wish to hire.

  • Provide us a job description and qualifications, or work with us to define and document them.
  • Various options are available in selecting the employee. You could leave it to us to make the final decision or we could provide you our top three picks and let you perform final interviews and choosing.

Step 3. Candidate Onboarding

  • The vetting process and contracts are finalized.
  • Benefit enrollment begins and completes.
  • Payroll and time management initiates.

Step 4. Your team extension begins!

  • Begin to scale and grow!
  • World class team members providing high performance.
  • Quarterly employee performance reviews.