About Us

We are a premier staffing outsourcing agency that loves to help companies improve operational efficiency with reduced costs. Making it easy and affordable for small businesses to build a strong and stable workforce with our highly-skilled, well-trained team members. Together we all succeed!

Maya Angelou said "If you're going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can't be erased." Theresa Smeltzer is committed to living a life that undeniably impacts those who enter her sphere of influence.

Bold, brave, and determined Theresa Smeltzer is a businesswoman who has mastered the art of collaboration, risk management, and entrepreneurship. She is the CEO and founder of Wisdom Offshore, an offshore management firm helping businesses grow and scale by connecting them with affordable, top-tier talent.

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY to a Filipino mother and an American father serving in the Marine Corps, Ms. Smeltzer has a strong love and connection to her Filipino ancestry. A busy wife and mother, Theresa Smeltzer masterfully manages her blended family of 9. As a result of her deep cultural upbringing along with her own large family, Ms. Smeltzer has developed a rich understanding of the importance of family legacy.

Knowledgeable and skilled, Theresa Smeltzer is a subject matter expert in a wide range of business matters. In her 21 years with HSBC Bank she has worked in stakeholder engagement, managed teams on and offshore, created risk frameworks and policies for managing off-shore talent, and spent 15 years in outsourcing. Her experience in corporate America provides her with a broad scope that allows her to develop creative, viable, and strategic options for small businesses to think big.

A wanderlust spirit, Theresa Smeltzer has a deep desire to see the world. When she is not supporting her children in their entrepreneurial pursuits, serving in the community, caring for her family, or managing her business, Ms. Smeltzer can be found traveling and reading. Her straightforward, no-nonsense but gentle approach to life makes her the go-to person when things need to get done.


Our mission is to help you grow and maintain your business revenue with strategic and flexible offshore solutions for a fraction of the cost.


Our vision is to become the recognized leader offering world-class outsourcing solutions while creating sustainable and healthy business ecosystems essential to small businesses and their teams.

Core Values

Our values form the foundation for how we serve our clients and support our team. We value Integrity, honesty, transparency, collaboration, high performance, and family.


Company culture is a priority. We provide a diverse and open work environment that allows for free-flowing thought, exchange of ideas, creativity, and a respectful family-like environment.

We invest in the mental, emotional, and financial health of our employees. This allows us to attract and maintain top talent for your business.